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Sugar, Rice, and Everything Nice: Keeping Up with the Carb-dashians

Posted on June 13 2016

Sugar, Rice, and Everything Nice: Keeping Up with the Carb-dashians

***Actual conversation between carbs and myself***

I love carbs, and they love me.

Simple carbs, complex carbs:

It’s like a sexy love triangle between us 3.


We’ve talked about carbs before when we discussed the importance of fiber but here’s a little recap:

Carbs are organic compounds that contain single or multiple sugar units. Depending on how many sugar units there are, they are divided into two categories; simple and complex! Simple sugars are only one or two sugar units long and are typically sweet tasting, like sugar. Complex carbohydrates are thousands of sugar units long and have a starchy taste, like pasta and breads. Trust me, once you learn to identify what foods belong under each category and how it they help you, there won’t be anything complex about it!

Carbs are the muscle building macros. They will provide better energy levels, support muscle growth, promote faster recovery after training, and prevent muscle break down. The trick is to pick the complex carbs over the simple carbs. HOW? Unlike my boyfriend’s taste in women: the more complex, the better.

Complex carbs are important to long-term health. They make it easier to maintain your weight, help you feel full longer, and can even help guard against type 2 diabetes and future heart problems.

The two types of complex carbs are fiber and starch. You can find high sources of fiber in fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, and legumes. High sources of starch are found in rice, potatoes, whole wheat bread, cereal, corn, oats, and peas. Try to eat foods with higher fiber than starch. Fiber promotes bowel regularity and helps control cholesterol. Strive to include fiber rich foods such as grains like quinoa, buckwheat, and whole-wheat pasta; fruits like apple, berries, and bananas; veggies like broccoli, leafy greens, and carrots; and of course beans.

Even though white rice and brown rice have the same calories, brown rice is loaded with more fiber!

We recommend your carb intake come from complex carbs, but it’s going to be pretty impossible to avoid simple carbs. They are naturally found in milk, fruits, and vegetables. These sugars are broken down quickly by the body and used as energy. Sounds great doesn’t it? Yea! Except they lack vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Simple carbs are the carbs that are added to most processed foods. You can find them in raw sugar, brown sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, and fruit juice concentrate. Blegh. You’re basically loading yourself up with sugars! Try to stay away from soda, baked treats, packaged cookies, fruit juice concentrate, processed foods, and even most breakfast cereals.

Enjoy alternatives like water with lime, fruits to satisfy that sweet tooth, and 100% fruit juice to get some fast energy after a workout!

You don’t need to avoid carbs, you just need to get to know carbs. It’ll take some time and practice to start making healthier choices that will energize you and benefit you in the long run. When it comes to you and carbs: SWIPE RIGHT.



Blog written by Alejandra Enriquez





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