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25 Sustainable Products + Practical Gift Ideas!

Posted on December 10 2018

25 Sustainable Products + Practical Gift Ideas!


The holidays are right around the corner! And for most of us, that means a lot of gift shopping! Make this holiday season stress-free with online shopping; and make it practical with these gift ideas that are not only thoughtful and useful, but also sustainable and better for the environment than some of the alternatives.

Happy shopping!


1. KeepCup Reusable Coffee Cup - $32 for 12oz cup with cork grip and sipping lid

A huge amount of plastic and paper that is wasted every day comes out of coffee shops. This is for the coffee or tea lover - just bring it with and give is to the barista to make your drink in!


2. Bamboo cutlery + straw set - $12.68 for full set

Great for travelers and anyone who’s trying to reduce their carbon footprint. These reusable utensils cut down on the plastic you use when eating out and are perfect to carry around in your bag daily or on a trip!


3. Matcha Tea Gift Box Set - $34.83 for 1oz organic Matcha tea and, bowl, whish, and other accessories

For the Matcha lover in your life! It comes with everything you need to make a cup of Matcha :)


4. Reusable food wraps - $18 for 3

Speaking of plastic… cling wrap: be gone! These are made of organic cotton and sustainably-sourced beeswax (technically not vegan). They hug and stick to plastic/metal/glass, allowing you to seal bowls and containers without having to use plastic wrap. They are also great for storing leftover fruits, veggies, and sandwiches.


5. Reusable produce bags - $18.95 for 6 + Grocery bags - $14.55 for 5

A must have for your weekly Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods run!


6. Glass containers - $29.99 for 5 or Mason jars - $17.11 for 12

Know any meal preppers in your life? We can ALWAYS use glass containers!


7. Stash bags - $22.49 for 4 bags

These are great for travelers or anyone who is trying to go plastic/waste-free. With these, you no longer need plastic ziploc bags!


8. Balance & tranquility grow kit - $12 for kit with 6 packs of seeds

This cute little grow kit comes with seeds for calming lavender, energizing peppermint, stress-relieving holy basil, calming chamomile, soothing wild bergamot, and energy-purifying sage. How cute is that!? This company also has other grow kits: one for cocktail herbs and one for salsa!


9. Pela Phone Case - $35

Made from flax and completely free of plastic, BPAs, lead, cadmium, and phthalates! And they come in every color under the sun.


10. Reusable makeup pads - $13.99 for pack of 16

These are perfect for applying toner and removing makeup! There are enough that you have one for every day for at least 2 weeks, and it even comes with a little laundry bag you can wash them in!


11. Lüfka Handmade Exfoliating Washcloth for Face and Body - $14.95 for 1

This sustainable loofa is made from willow bark and can last up to a year. It’s a way better option than a plastic loofa, and is super exfoliating!


12. Fair Trade Organic Cotton Robe - $39.99

Robes are the kind of thing that you might not think to buy for yourself, but they make great gifts and get constant use from those who have them. This one is organic, sustainably sourced, and oh-so-comfy!


13. Lunette menstrual cup - $27

Okay, in all seriousness, this is one of the greatest things I’ve ever done for my time of the month (and the environment). It’s a cup that sits about where a tampon would (you don’t feel it, don’t worry!) that you can dump, rinse, and reuse for up to 5 years. If you’re not familiar with these, we definitely recommend doing some research!


14. Reusable tampon applicator - $21.36 for 1 applicator, 6 organic tampons, storage tin, and case (currency on site is in pounds)

If you’re not ready for the menstrual cup yet, this UK-based company has designed the first ever reusable tampon applicator, which cuts down on the waste of thousands of plastic applicators used over a lifetime. Simply buy the tampons without applicators, and use this little device to insert it smoothly!


15. Meow Meow Tweet shampoo bar - $10

Sulfate-free and made from natural ingredients! Great for travelers or just someone who’s trying to simplify and clean up their haircare routine!


16. Stainless steel water bottle - $20

Everyone should own a big, glass or stainless steel water bottle. Not only does it cut down on waste, but it encourages you to stay hydrated throughout the day.


17. MiGoals planner - $32.35 for Goal Digger Planner (currency on site is in AUD)

If you or anyone you know is (or is trying to be) organized and likes to plan, do yourself a favor and purchase this planner! This Australian company has broke the mold with this all-inclusive planner that allows you to map out your week in monthly and weekly/daily views, as well as assign “focuses” and create and follow up on yearly and monthly goals. There are places to put to-do lists, notes, and even gratitude lists!


18. Travel yoga mat-towel hybrid - most are $39.95

For the yogi in your life, but also for someone who loves the beach or camping. The company’s philosophy is “Own less. Do more,” and they are committed to sustainability, using recycled materials to create their products. These towel mats are light weight, absorbent, quick-drying, and don't take up a lot of space.


19. Customizable New York Times Front Page Puzzle - $49.95 for 500pc puzzle

For a puzzle lover!


20. Rose + Bergamot Bath Bombs - $7 each

Epsom salt, essential oils, and dried rose petals. For any bath lover. This would make a great stocking stuffer!


21. Herbal tinctures and formulas - $26.95 for 59ml tinctures (59 servings) // $34.95-$69.95 for formulas

Okay, I’m already a fan of her probiotic formula and immunity mushroom blend formula, but most recently Olivia has come out with a line of herbal tinctures that have become a daily staple. Mood Juice and Brain Juice have had a positive effect on my mood and focus overall, and Sleep Juice has become part of my toolbox of sleep-inducing things or practices that has helped me overcome my trouble sleeping over the past year. Any of these products would make a great gift.


22. Wine-scented soaps - $28 for 4 bars

I’m a sucker for natural bar soaps as it is, but wine-scented soaps?! Perfect for a bubble bath complete with a glass of vino.


23. Lara Intimates - ~$25 for undies // $60-$80 for bras (currency on site is in pounds)

Another UK-based company that’s redefining bra comfort. These bras are uber comfortable and stylish, and contain no underwire or padding. And the best part is they are committed to sustainability, using reclaimed fabrics and a zero-waste policy!


24. Ace Backpack - $82

These backpacks are rad because the company uses recycled billboards - yes, billboards! - in their design. They are simple, stylish, and hella sturdy.


25. Buffy - $150 for a queen

While this is on the pricier end, this is an all-around amazing comforter. It’s made of eucalyptus fiber and the alternative down filling is made from recycled plastic bottles! It’s fluffy and warm, and extremely comfy.


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  • Carolina: December 13, 2018

    GREAT article :D

  • Daniella: December 11, 2018

    Loved this blog! Perfect read for me and how I’ve evolved to be a sustainable minimilist. Truly love how F+T brand has evolved. So perfect! ♥️ Keep it up girls, you all are amazing.

  • Natacha from Nat Botanicals: December 10, 2018

    Honored to see that our all-natural bath bombs made your list! Thank you for the mention. :) Loving every item on this list, in particular the Bee’s Wraps. We use them all the time. A must-have for the eco-conscious minds out there!

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