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Posted on June 01 2015


Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

On 2015's Fit and Thick Tour, we discussed the importance of schedules, and how in today's technology driven world, we often feel like we have no time to complete the tasks that will lead us towards achieving our goals.

One thing that I learned while I was in nursing school was the importance of setting a schedule and adhering to it; and due to my more recently busy lifestyle, I've found that implementing those skills into my daily life has created a sense of consistency and helped me keep my health and fitness goals a priority. 

We are creatures of habit and we thrive in environments that promote consistency. Keeping your workout schedules the same every week will help you to stay on track and will take the guess work and planning out of your precious daily time. 


I have been using the same workout schedule for the past two years and have now started implementing it in my teaching schedule for my students as well. I hope that you can use the same schedule to simplify your fitness process and start seeing results!


Day 1: Butt and Legs (My Monday)

After the weekend my body is rested and recuperated so I like to go hard. I try to focus on multiple compound exercises (squats, lunges, deadlifts) and a few isolated movements (kickbacks, leg curls, leg extensions). I like to think of this day as my "Build" day.

Day 2: Upper Body (My Tuesday)

I typically choose two of the following: Back, chest, triceps, biceps, shoulders. This workout contains a total of 4 circuits alternating between either of the two muscle groups. 

Day 3: Plyos and Abs (My Wednesday)

These workouts are intense but fun! With consistency, this workout day yields the most visible results in everyone who follows the program. A typical plyos and abs workout contains 3-5 circuits of explosive movements, abdominal exercises, and my personal favorite, sprinting

Day 4: Butt and Legs (My Thursday)

The second butt and legs workout of the week can sometimes be rough due to the fact that I’m fatigued from day 1 & 3’s workouts. Because of this, I try to focus and work on muscle groups that are not too sore. This can often be difficult, especially when you’re just starting out on your fitness journey, so this is one day that you can work your way up to if need be. This workout typically incorporates more stability based exercises rather than heavy compound lifting, such as one legged deadlifts.

Day 5: REST (My Friday)

We all need it! Rest and recover days are an important and essential part of muscle growth. One of the common mistakes that I see in beginners is the tendency to over train, especially where legs are concerned, and then they end up disappointed when results aren't seen. Take my advice and take the day off. ☺

Day 6: Cardio (My Saturday)

This can be done in a number of different forms depending on your personal goals, fitness level, and time availability. For those who want to lose weight, or beginners, I recommend using this day to do steady cardio for 30 minutes; if fat loss and muscle growth is what you aim for, try sprinting or doing a plyometric workout instead. 

Day 7: REST (My Sunday)

On the 7th day, we rest! Be sure to stretch, foam roll and soak in a salt bath. Take care of your body so you can kill it in next week’s workouts!



  • Trang Nguyen: March 26, 2017

    Hello Nicole!

    You have given me the motivation in striving to reach my goals in life. I have turned myself to weight lifting and just working on my body all around. I feel great especially because it has helped improving my health, body and mind.

    I really wish that you can visit Seattle,WA sometime in your future trips. I would love to meet you and join you in your classes.



  • Azania: January 08, 2017

    Hey guys.

    I came across the get thick and fit website whilst sightseeing the internet, because I am in desperate need to get fit and thick. I am currently located in South Africa, in the Eastern Cape province. I also want to say you Nicole keep doing what you doing because its popping girl. You got it!

    Lots of love

  • roos: December 28, 2016

    i had a question… for how long i have to do this to have any results?

  • diana hernandez: April 02, 2016

    hello nicole, iam a fan of youre workouts, youre instagram page and i love youre body. i would like to know if i could have some advice from you, because in my case iam already skinny and i have been working out and i also play soccer, but i would love to gain more muscle mass and get a lil more thick, but i still want to keep my figure. can you please help me with some advice.

    thank you <3

  • Artemis: July 20, 2015

    How are you guys doing? Today I came across the getfitandthick website because I saw Nicole’s resistance band in a instagram. First I need to say, Go Girl! You are awesome and have so much determination and patience! I’m trying to acquire those two traits when it comes to working out, because I slack in those two big time. I wish I could attend one of your classes, but I am located in the NJ/NY area. I honestly think that if Nicole were to do a class in NY even if it was just for a day or weekend, that it would be a huge turn out. She has such a big following in this area (including a lot of women I know). If there ever is a class that would be awesome.

    Keep doing your thing girl, you’re amazing and you’re setting such a wonderful example to girls all over the world that watch your videos. Really inspiring and motivating!!

    Lots of love,

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