4 Barrier-Breaking Tips to Keep Your New Year's Fitness Goals

Posted on February 15 2017





Paige Johnson 


At the start of the year, everyone is all about those new found fitness goals. All you hear is “New Year New You,” but what happens weeks into the year when the novelty wears off? That's when the excuses start and you find all sorts of reasons why you just cannot exercise. The kids' schedules, travel for work, or just being too tired from life are all really great excuses to not get those workouts in.

Explore these three sets of barrier-busting tips to get back on track for your fitness goals: 

Barrier: The kids make getting to the gym impossible!

Instead of trying to work out around the kids or feeling like you cannot leave the kids home to work out, try working out with the kids. Workouts For You offers a full range of great tips for working out with the kids, starting with infants and going all the way through the teenage years. For the smallest of family members, something as simple as investing in a bike trailer to take the kids biking can revitalize an old bike gathering dust in the garage. As the kids get a little older you can get a great workout from a day spent rollerblading, hiking or doing laps while they swim with friends. Teens can get involved with training and participating in a community fun run or other event based exercise program.

If you see your children being less than enthusiastic about participating in things that look too much like “exercise”, you can try sneaking physical activities into their regular day. Even taking the time to walk part way to school a few mornings a week can add up to some real exercise for the whole family.

Barrier: I always get bored with my workouts.

This is a common problem when trying to get fit, even for the most dedicated of health fanatics. Nothing can crush your motivation to work out more than staring down the same routine or running route you’ve been doing for weeks. The good news is there are plenty of ways to spice things up. Commit to trying at least one new way to work out each month, options might include taking a martial arts class, rowing, or attending a dance class. Bring your dog along. Having a four-legged friend will make those long runs or hikes more enjoyable. Heck, you might even offer your services to busy neighbors and make some extra cash by becoming the neighborhood dog walker. After all, our pets need exercise just as much as we do! There are also subscription services like the Fit and Thick app that offers a variety of workouts to keep you motivated, and of course, you can always peruse YouTube for videos on new routines.

Barrier: Travel for work takes you out of town
Many people focus on their gym of choice as being the only place to work out, so not being close to the gym can mean no work out. Unless the gym membership includes the use of clubs outside of the local area, it might be time to get a little creative to get a workout in while traveling. Alternatives to going to your regular gym include booking a hotel that has a gym, swimming for a workout if the hotel has a pool, running stairs if the hotel has stairs and packing small equipment for a hotel room workout.
Choosing to go the equipment route for a travel workout can actually be a fun break from a stale gym routine. Things like fitness bands or even using a high tech fitness tracker can help turn your hotel room or hotel grounds into the perfect workout.
Barrier: I'm just too tired after work to work out
Just like the gym can seem like the only place to work out, many get stuck on the idea that working out only happens after work. One of the best ways to get around being too tired after work to hit the gym is to change the way you schedule your time for fitness. Mix things up with a morning workout, use half of your lunch hour for a power walk or schedule calendar time during the day for a workout just like you would a personal meeting.
Whether you are juggling kids or a host of other scheduling issues, a little creativity can go a long way to get back on track for those fitness resolutions. You will find more times than not that the biggest barrier you have to keeping yourself on track is that person staring back in the mirror telling you what you can't do.


Image: Skeeze (Pixabay)

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  • Estrella: May 24, 2017

    Love all of these tips-I can admit I am guilty of these as well but as mentioned above there are always solutions to these problems.

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