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2016/2017 F+T TOUR RECAP: D.C.

Posted on October 10 2016

2016/2017 F+T TOUR RECAP: D.C.

The 1,2,3s of Counting Macros

Washington, D.C.

Our second stop of the Fit and Thick Tour was NONSTOP and filled with good vibes!

“I had never been to Washington, DC with Fit and Thick before, so I had no idea what to expect. When we landed, I was absolutely blown away with the beauty of the city itself, and the day of the event, I was even more taken aback by the group of women that showed up to represent.

We were a little short staffed at first, but at the last minute my oldest sister, Nathalie, decided to come with us and she was a HUGE key to our success to being able to put on this event. The entire staff worked their butts off extra hard this weekend and even when it was tough to do so, the energy and good vibes of the amazing women attending the event gave us what we needed to push through.

We met so many people we had known from Instagram (and actually called by their Instagram handle) and it was great to finally connect with them in person. DC, you stole my heart! I can’t wait to be back!”

Noelle @noelle_m

F+T Project Manager

“Oh D.C.

We fell in love with the city as soon as we left the airport (4 hours after our landing time…lol).

This tour stop was non-stop stress.

As soon as we landed we had to go get a rental car which took us about 2 hours to hop on an empty shuttle and find the front desk, then 2 hours to actually fill out the paperwork and load up the car. We left a bag at the airport, YES….again! We realized it late on Friday night, about 10 hours before wake up call time, didn’t go to sleep until about 2 AM. 

The event itself was absolutely amazing and the energy was great!

What this tour stop finally showed me is that we stress so much prior to the event and tire ourselves out in that environment when at the end of the day it all goes so well because our supporters are so damn awesome. Not only that, but we know the information we are delivering to everyone will help them create new habits just as we have.

Our goal will always shine through because it’s so real.  

To all my D.C. ladies, I hope you took everything we taught you and implemented it to your busy schedules :).”

Chabelys @chabelysm
F+T Customer Service Manager


"Positivity, motivation, and a renewed sense of balance were my big take aways from the DC F+T event. 
Being the only person interested in health/fitness can be draining at times.  Even with social media it's easy to forget why I loved it all in the first place. 
During the nutrition seminar, listening to the questions the girls asked reminded me of my own difficulty when I started changing my diet and reconnected me to that journey. One of the questions was about whether refrigerator or frozen food held more nutrients.  The team had to stop and think about it for a second before discussing.  That was a good reminder that learning is a continuous process, so knowledge should be continuously sought after no matter how far along in the journey you are.
Aside from fitness, the accepting and encouraging attitude from the whole team and all the girls that attended lasted the whole weekend. 
We need to bottle that up and sprinkle it everywhere. Women supporting women is what I like to see <3! 
The last thing I learned was that I cannot go head to head with the F+T team when it comes to coffee consumption. 
They don't play."
F+T ambassador


"To another amazing experience.

D.C. Fit and thick tour stop was more amazing than I had ever imagined. Vibes were great, meeting so many lovely girls, making new friends, new gym partners. Such a blessing to be part of such an amazing team and spread the movement throughout my city."

Lilian @lilian_flores

F+T ambassador

“Washington, D.C. is a city that holds so many beautiful memories for my family and I. After my dad moved up to the Baltimore area a few years ago, my siblings and I would take the train to the capital with my dad when we went to go visit him.

Being able to bring the Fit and Thick movement to D.C. with both of my sisters and team was an emotional experience.

The city is breathtaking, but the people-

the people are beautiful.

The day before the event I told my team that the goal for the D.C. weekend was to be in the moment. We had more than double the attendees in D.C. than we did at the Philly event and half the staff. We knew we were going to be stressed and overwhelmed and running on fumes. I just didn’t want that to get in the way of the experience. It’s important for the team to remember that each event is a new experience for the women who attend it. We have to come prepared to give our all no matter what obstacles we face behind the curtain.

Easier said than done but ALWAYS a work in progress! 

After Day 2, and amidst all the post-event craziness, Vanessa Blanco (@blahnk0h) snagged me for a quick interview for her YouTube channel. We spoke about Fit and Thick, women empowerment and entrepreneurship!

Getting to connect with the attendees before, during, and after the event was my favorite part. It’s incredible how connected our community is through social media and these events just continue to deepen that bond.

I am so in love with you, D.C.!

Thank you for showing us nothing but love back!”

Nicole @Nicole_Mejia

F+T Founder


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