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Posted on July 14 2016



Cardio is no joke. It decreases your resting heart rate and blood pressure while increasing your lung and heart volume. Not to mention it improves circulation and lowers your body fat! There are so many reasons to add cardio to your workout but the question is, HOW?!

There are 2 types of cardio: steady state and HIIT. 


*My cardio face*


Going Steady

For people like me that are beginners in the cardio game, I would suggest steady state cardio. Steady state is low to moderate intensity training for 20 minutes or more. This would include walking at an incline, running, biking…basically any form of aerobic activity maintained for an extended period of time. The impact is so low on your body that you can actually do it everyday! But be careful not to over stress your body or else your muscle will be broken down, rather than your fat.



HIIT cardio stands for High Intensity Interval Training. Unlike steady state, HIIT is a short period of time extreme activity followed by a period of rest. In total the session will last about 8-15 minutes. This includes sprinting for 30 seconds and then a couple of minutes of rest as well as battle ropes, jump ropes, and dancing! The trick is to give it your maximum effort when you’re doing the 30 seconds of activity. Since you must push your body to it’s limit, try to first build endurance and then include HIIT 2-3 times a week. With HIIT, your body is less likely to break down muscle tissue and you enter EPOC (aka Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption.) This means after you stop working out, your body is still burning through calories. Also, your resting metabolism increases, and your body becomes more efficient at using fat for fuel. 8-15 minutes of exercise and all those benefits? YES PLEASE.

According to the experts, a blend of HIIT and steady state training that’s tailored to your body and your goals is the best approach.

And that is exactly what we do at Fit and Thick.

We incorporate a mixture of HIIT and steady state cardio into the program. Monday’s Butt and Legs workout incorporates high repetition movements such as stationary lunges, pulsing sumo squats, and walking lunges that target the lower body as well as the heart and lungs. Tuesday means Upper Body day and with that comes a mile run after our workout. With explosive high intensity exercises like Skaters, Rolling Get Ups, Burpees (which btw I have learned to love and you will too!), sprints on Wednesday’s Plyos and Abs class, we keep our cardio system and our body 100%. Saturdays we incorporate steady state into the mix and add jogging to the agenda. The best part of HIIT and steady state cardio is that they are both fun and versatile ways to strengthen your heart! You can always switch it up with running, swimming, dancing, biking, and a Fit and Thick class. How do you do your cardio? Share with us below!


Blog written by Alejandra Enriquez


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  • Angie: August 11, 2016

    Actually feeling motivated to do some cardio and HIIT training ! Thanks for sharing !

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