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The Comparison Trap: How It's Sabotaging Your Goals and What You Can Do About It

Posted on July 12 2018

The Comparison Trap: How It's Sabotaging Your Goals and What You Can Do About It


It’s time for your F+T workout sesh! But before you hit the gym, you decide to take a peek at your fav fitness gurus IG page for a burst of inspiration. But before you know it, a harmless check- in has turned into a full on scrolling sesh curled up on your couch, fantasizing what it might feel like to push yourself to your limits during your workout and flex them booty cheeks in your Blue Body Brazil tights in your “after” selfie. 5 minutes turns to 10. 10 to 20. When you finally look up, it’s been an hour and you still haven’t worked out. #laaawd

Not only have you NOT worked out, you actually feel WORSE and LESS motivated than you did when you started your IG scroll.

According to Leah Borne’s article on StyleCaster“not only are women tying their expectations of what they should look like to images of women they see on social media, they’re increasingly dependent on social media to validate their self-worth.”

This is NOT where you need to be when you’re trying to get your Fit and Thick on. While looking on social media for some motivation can be helpful, just as with food and workouts, everything in moderation.

Here are some tips you can use to stop the comparison game to stay positively focused on your Fit and Thick journey.


Define YOUR Fit + Thick

Let me ask you this: If you tossed out every image of what you are told fitness “LOOKS” like, what is one feeling associated with being active you’d want to expand? For example, working out makes me feel muhfukkin UNSTOPPABLE! Regardless of the fact that my stomach is not flat and I don’t have these highly defined glutes + thighs, can’t nobody SEE ME WITH THESE SQUAT JUMPS!!! At least, that’s how I feel when I’m doing them.

Expanding on feeling unstoppable and engaging in the activity that helps me to feel this way, is how I’m defining my Fit and Thick. Shifting my perspective to focus on the unstoppable feeling my workout will give me gets me WAY more excited to hit the gym, and it has more trickle-down into other areas of my life in comparison to only working out to build some booty.

Now it’s your turn, write out one positive feeling you get from being active. The next time you find yourself falling into the comparison trap, stop yourself, and begin to channel this feeling and by all means hit that gym! If you’re already the fit you wanna be, you can use this exercise to reconnect with what about your workouts gets you pumped up!


Skip Social Media When Waking + Before Bed

Before opening up your social media apps when you first wake up, go for a relaxing walk, do a short meditation, or some light stretching. This will help you to set up a positive and productive day in comparison to starting your day with the stressors social media can sometimes cause.  Before you hit the sheets at night, pass up the urge to hop on your computer or phone and instead, kill your F+T workout, create list of all the great things that happened during your day, or chillax with a good book.

Appreciate Yo’self

With so many beautiful women doing their thing online, it can be hard not to compare and trick ourselves into believing that we are not enough, that all we’ve accomplished is not enough, and that we will never reach our fitness goals.

Hitting these walls are a great times to reconnect and reflect. Remind yourself of how far you’ve come to get where you are right now. Sometimes simply laying out the facts can be a major eye-opener, as women tend to downplay their success.

Ask yourself “What am I doing that is causing me to feel this way?” Once you realize what habits are dragging you down, you can begin to transform them into habits that help to boost your mood, kill the comparison noise, and get more comfortable and confident defining what being Fit and Thick means to you.



Start your F+T journey today by downloading the app + let us know how you may have gotten caught up in the web of comparisons in the comments below!


Author: Shera Lee
Shera is one of our Chicago Ambassadors;
she shares info on self-care, mental fitness, and
preventative wellness on her website

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  • Melina Gonzalez: July 31, 2018

    Omg!!! Thank you so much. I needed to read this. I felt every single word. (Fit & Thick) please leave this blog on your page. Keep the blogs like on a list please 🙏

    You ever find that you know something is gonna hit you in the face and you not sure what it is until it does kind of like a wake up call. This was it for me

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