Frequently Asked Questions


What style of training is included in the classes?

  • The group classes feature 1-hour circuit-style training sessions that focus on gaining muscle, strength, balance, flexibility, and CONFITENCE!
  • NEW workouts every week incorporate resistance training and HIIT keeping your body challenged!

How many days a week should I commit?

  • The F+T program includes 5 workouts and 2 rest days per week.
  • We recommend anyone interested in joining our program to follow this same structure, unless guided otherwise.

Will this program cater to my goals?

  • YES! If you want to lose body fat and/or increase muscle mass, we are the program for you!

How many women are in a typical class setting?

  • We pride ourselves in holding small group training classes. There are never more than 15-20 people in one class, helping to keep the class intimate and allowing the instructor to give each student individual attention.

I have prior injuries that limit some of my movements, can I still participate?

  • Form and Technique are the #1 concern and focus of each class. While we do not treat injury or encourage you to exercise in ways that aggravate or cause an injury, we do provide you with modifications to our workouts. That being said, we require that you obtain approval and recommendations of your physician prior to attending class.

What if I'm a beginner, is this program right for me?

  • YES! The Fit and Thick Lifestyle Program caters to all fitness levels. There are modifications for every exercise for those who are beginning. Remember, we all have to start somewhere! The F+T program is a group of like-minded women who encourage and motivate each other to reach our goals no matter what our individual starting points are.

I'm advanced: will the workout be challenging enough for me?

  • We have members who are from all fitness levels and backgrounds. The F+T Lifestyle Program allows you to choose your desired weight so that every class proves challenging for you. Since we also circuit-style train,this increases the level of difficulty even for experienced lifters.

If I sign up, will I receive a meal plan?

  • At the moment F+T does not offer meal plans. We do offer macronutrient calculations, which is included in our Lifestyle Program option.

What do I have to bring to class?

  • All the equipment necessary for the class is provided for you. You may bring your own towel or water bottle to fill up.

What happens if I miss the class I scheduled?

  • All clients have a 4-hour cut-off cancellation policy. If you do not cancel 4 hours prior to class time you will not be able to recover that class. Since we often have waitlists for our classes, reserving a spot and not showing up prevents other members from being able to sign up.


What are the benefits of the F+T lifestyle program?

  • Education: It is at the core of our program! We want you to know why you're making changes so that you're more empowered to maintain them!
  • Support Systems: Our entire team is here to make your lifestyle change a positive experience in your life. You'll have a direct line of contact with our Member Services Specialist to help you with anything and everything you need, as well as motivating instructors to push you and a close-knit group of women to inspire you!
  • Monthly Check-ins: You'll get weighed and measured to track your monthly progress! Progress pics, body fat %, and circumference measurements are all part of these check-ins. Go over any questions and concerns you have with your instructor regarding nutrition or workouts.
  • Personalized macro recommendations: The F+T program believes that everyone has different nutritional needs. We don't do cookie-cutter diets and don't write personalized meal plans. We DO teach you the "art" of counting macros and why it is the BEST way to meet your goals!
  • F+T digital guides: We’ve put together our “must-haves” and favorite brands to help you while you shop in the F+T Grocery Guide! In addition, while you’ll learn the importance of meeting your protein macros each day you may have a hard time doing that! The F+T Protein Snack Guide will help you meet that target with its included recipes and their macro values.
  • Unlimited classes: Make the program work with your schedule! We offer 3 classes daily for you to choose from.
  • Comprehensive training program: New workouts each week to keep your muscles guessing-AND SORE! (There, that was your warning!) Our program focuses on improving all aspects of physical fitness as well as meeting your aesthetic goals.
  • Resistance and HIIT sessions: Their aim is to build muscle and lose fat!
  • Intimate group setting: Workout with women in a private setting! Get the attention you need from your instructor during your workouts in the company of other women on the same journey!
  • Classes average $7.50 a session, compared to our single classes which is $20 a session.
  • 15% OFF your first month when you renew!
  • 20% OFF all F+T merchandise
  • 50% OFF the F+T Monthly Workout Subscription

How will I get billed?

  • Once you sign up, you will be asked to enter the information of the card you wish to be billed on. This will enroll you in an auto-pay for each month. You will be charged exactly one month from date of sign up.

Still have questions? Give us a call at 305-428-2861 Ext. 1 or email us at

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