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60 days ago my mom and I felt all things related to sluggish, weak, discouraged and lost.

1. Sluggish because we were not active in conjunction with being haphazardly mindful of what we were putting into our bodies.

2. Weak because reference 1. in addition to our purses and the loads of dry cat food bags being the only and therefore the heaviest things we'd carry on a regular basis (We're cat people.).

3. Discouraged because we were lacking an eating and exercise regimen, and therefore were not motivated to start.

4. Lost because not only were we not motivated to start, but we did not know where to start. Little did we know we would absolutely obliterate those four obstacles upon sending our first email to the F+T team.

We are about 60 days into the program and we have already replaced sluggish with energized, weak with strong, discouraged with inspired and lost with found. The entire Miami F+T fam has really made us both feel at home. They challenge both my mom and me very specifically making sure to offer up plenty of modifications to work us up to the level we are more than capable of reaching.

Hey there, Momma here. Considering I'm post-menopause, it's incredibly encouraging and exciting to see how this program is having me slim down, which we all know is extremely challenging at my age. Don't get me wrong, it's taking dedicated hard work, but the girls keep me going, and I am proud to say I keep up pretty well! It's amazing to feel the support from the trainers and the other girls. It's definitely a one-of-a-kind atmosphere here at F+T.

My mom and I are blessed to have a very "Gilmore Girls-esque" relationship and F+T has only made us come closer together in our journey toward becoming fit and thick.

- Cecilia B. (Mother) + Cecilia B. (Daughter)

The Fit & Thick movement has enriched my life and changed my perspectives on health and nutrition through motivation and education. As many women, I have struggled with my weight and it has affected me not only health wise or physically but also mentally. Being part of Fit & Thick has allowed me to feel like I belong to a team of genuinely caring women who are looking out for me and helping me reach my potential. I am nowhere near where I want to be but I am definitely much closer to my goal and little by little changing my daily life for the better to an overall healthy one, not only physically but also mentally.

- Evelyn P.

Before joining Get Fit and Thick I had been working out at another gym. I was very motivated to get fit and healthy even though I didn’t love the exercise program of that facility. But then tragedy struck my family. I became severely depressed and lost all drive to do anything. This lasted for several months. Finally, my friend told me about Get Fit and Thick and I decided to give it a shot. I am so glad that I did because it got me out of my funk! They provide motivation and support in a friendly and cooperative atmosphere. The exercise program is fun and challenging and I have seen great results. The Get Fit and Thick team not only instructs me in my exercise program but they also give me nutrition information and advice. Someone is always available to answer your questions and help you outside of class time. I can call, text, or email with questions and they will get back to me. These things have kept me motivated and allowed me to reach my health and fitness goals. I have been with Get Fit and Thick for over a year now and I feel healthier and leaner than ever. The Get Fit and Thick team has been a fantastic support system for me and the program has really become a big part of my life.

- Latoya L.

I have been working out Nicole since she first started her program and I must say that my confidence level has gone up! I've always been self conscious about my body type. I have learned that everyone has different body types and we are all beautiful. I have learned to accept and love my curves. I have gained strength not just physically but also mentally. I am very grateful and truly happy t be apart of the fit and thick movement.

- Maddy M.

I've always enjoyed being active and fit but in reality I was really never consistent with it as much I should have been. It was hard to go by myself and sometimes Ihad no idea what machine to use or if I was really even exercising correctly. One day I came across the get fit and thick Instagram page and I decided to follow it and use it as a guide when I go to the gym. Once I found out she's was located in Miami I was excited and told myself one day I'll make it out to a class.

Then in the middle of nowhere in Life and it's never end roller coaster moments, I found myself in a tough place. My world in every angle was falling apart & I felt helpless and lost. I was beyond stressed in every aspect, barely slept & lost weight just because I wasn't properly eating. I had no place to go to destress or have even a moment of peace. I was in limbo with my long term boyfriend of 7 years and that emotional tortured me. I was beyond stressed at work, working over 40+ weeks and dealing with the majority of the load because I was alone after a co worker quit. I had just graduated and already in the process of studying for my license to become a registered nurse; which was scary and stressful. I was living in a very hectic household with a cheaper by the dozen scene but in a small 3 bed room apartment, so after long days of work coming home wasn't ideal. I had no space or privacy anywhere & it was impossible to study in that chaos. I was losing myself, I tried so hard to keep positive vibes and keep things a float but after a while carrying the heavy weight of all those things going on at once my mind broke and I couldn't deal. I had no control over all of it and it destroyed me. I started searching for something to help me get through and that's when I opened IG and saw Nicole and that's when I pushed myself to register to a class. Told myself I am going to finally go regardless the price and do something for me! I'll never forget it because it changed my life.

August 2014, I went on a Monday for legs & glutes. I felt like a kid walking into the first day of school, didn't know anyone and was so nervous. Nicole made the class fun and rewarding, and She was so inspiring! Such a pretty girl on the outside and even more beautiful on the inside! She made me feel welcomed and challenged me.ball the women were also so nice and motivating, it was incredible. I was so focused on not embarrassing myself and doing the exercises correctly that it wasn't until the end that I realized, what I truly gained from the class. It was peace. For the first time in a month, I had no worries, no tears, no heartache, no stress, and no one on mind but me for an hour. It was wonderful because nothing and no one else was able to help me or shut my mind off and effortlessly and not even knowingly Nicole and her program did it for me. So, that one hour of peace was too precious to not hold on to or become addicted to. After that night is when I joined the movement and would go to classes every week; It was what I looked forward to.

My boyfriend and I broke up, my family and household only became morechaotic, I couldn't focus enough to truly dedicate the time and effort for my license and rescheduled the exam at least 5 times. But, I had get fit and thick and it was the only positive energy I had to hold on to. Then the more I'd go and learned I then started to see results! And who doesn't love that right?! Seeing my body transform, learning about nutrition and my strength improve was surreal. I first started with just using a barbell of 10lbs No weighted plates on it at all, and now I'm able to clean and properly use a 60-65lbs without compensation.

So as cheesy as this may sound, but 2 years later I can reflect and truly say that get fit and thick not only helped me gain physical results, knowledge on nutrition and exercise but most importantly it healed me mentally, emotionally and spiritually. & that is truly priceless and there aren't enough thank you's in the world for it. I gained serenity, a whole new level of confidence and the strength to truly get through anything. Having such a powerful, kind hearted group of women who motivate you, accept you, remind you to embrace yourself is rare and to be appreciated. & I'm forever grateful for joining the movement; it was a game changer for me. To even add on I was inspired to pursue becoming a personal training so one day I can help women not only gain the results they want, but have a place to destress and find their inner peace.

Fit & Thick is #Life. Thank you to the entire F&T fam!! Much love.

- Olga B.

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