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I just wanted to let you guys know that the workout subscriptions are AWESOME! They are reasonably priced (I'm currently a broke student), organized well and easy to understand. You guys provided so much useful information and great tips, and made it easier for me to get a great workout at home. It is apparent that you guys put so much hard work into it and it is well thought out. I love this subscription, thank you for making them!

- Ashley Mendez

Lost a bit of motivation to be honest and needed a bit of a change. For that reason I ended up purchasing one month of the @getfitandthick workout subscription and so happy that I did! Its a different style than how I normally workout so I was excited to try something different. Completed butt + legs today and I'm ready for the rest of the month!

- Kathleen E.

For a long time I've struggled with my body type. I've gone from being overweight, thin with high body fat percentage, back to overweight. I've always had, what my parents like to call, THUNDER THIGHS. Being bottom heavy was never the issue for me (who doesn't like a little booty & some thighs! Haha) but MAINTAINING a healthy body was the REAL struggle. Whenever I would workout I did pretty much ALL CARDIO. I never considered lifting a dumbbell or even getting on a leg press. Cardio was the only thing I knew. I didn't want to appear "bulky" or "manly" by lifting weights. At least that's what I thought. I was first introduced to Nicole Mejias Instagram page back in 2013. While friends "ooooo'd & aaahhhh'd" at her incredible figure. I wanted to know HOW? just HOW did she do it? Since then I have watched her build her brand, post countless workout clips of herself & most importantly, empower women. From those very clips, I KNEW I could get the body I always wanted but never knew how. I was no longer ashamed and I learned to accept the body that I was given. Nicole taught me that. Once the Fit & Thick resistant & lateral bands hit the site I bought them immediately. BEST INVESTMENT EVER! Along with the foam roller as well. Not only did I learn workouts for my body type but I also learned SO MUCH about nutrition & counting macros, not calories. Nicole and the Fit & Thick team has been nothing short of a blessing. Being able to wake up every day, not tired & be there both physically and mentally for my children makes it that much more rewarding. I am forever grateful for this incredible team and what they stand for! #FitAndThick #LoveTheSkinYoureIn.

- Erika

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