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Fitness has always been a huge part of Nicole’s life, not only for the physical benefits, but also for stress relief and overall wellness. She believes in a holistic approach to maintain her curves and natural physique while also keeping herself in the best shape possible. When she began her modeling career, working out and healthy eating became an essential part of Nicole’s success.

In the past few years, Nicole has transformed her love of fitness into a career path. She aspires to represent women who wish to build and maintain curves in a natural and healthy way. Nicole believes that health and wellness is about finding a balance that is unique to each individual and that aesthetic improvement is only one of the many benefits that come from living a healthy lifestyle.

Nicole began her umbrella health and fitness company, Fit and Thick LLC, in October of 2013.

What is the Fit&Thick Movement

"Being fit isn't about being a specific size, shape, or body fat percentage. I believe that being healthy and fitness oriented comes in all different forms and that women should be able to express their passion for health without having to conform to a certain stereotype. My goal is to motivate women to set realistic goals for themselves and then to provide them with the tools that they need to achieve those goals.

We practice moderation and enforce proper technique and form. The Fit and Thick movement is such a motivating and inspiring campaign for women because it allows us to drop the expectations that society places on us to fit into a certain body type and allows us to be fit and healthy in our own shapes. All the women who partake in this program have different and individual goals, but we all share in one central and superseding goal, and that is to love the skin we're in."

-Nicole Mejia


The name of the brand Fit and Thick stems from the acceptance of any body type regardless of social stereotypes and beauty standards. Accepting who you are and your shape are the first steps towards lifestyle change.

We encourage all of our participants to strive for progress, and constant growth through setting individual realistic goals.


To unify and connect people interested in a similar lifestyle change, we tour the nation bringing our program to each city and also connecting members of that individual community through the common interests that they find in the Fit and Thick program.

Our exclusive online forum and the tour are examples of tools that we use to grow and strengthen our community. The forum is a private space where like-minded women who have attended tours in the past can connect with each other and build a support system.


Nutrition is the key pillar in the way we look and feel. Healthy eating is part of lifestyle change and is not a temporary fad diet that produces short-lived results in a specific time frame. We believe in providing tools, which our participants can use to not only make but also maintain changes.

The F+T holistic approach to nutrition focuses on the importance of attaining the proper macronutrient ratios through micronutrient dense food choices dependent on ones bioindividuality.


The Fit and Thick Program combines resistance training with High Intensity Interval Training in workouts that are tailored specifically to a woman’s body.

The current classes offered are Butt and Legs, Upper Body, Plyos and Abs which involve circuit style training aimed to build and maintain muscle while optimizing fat burn. We challenge the body’s athletic abilities by increasing its speed, agility and stability; looking great is just a bonus! 

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